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[Stephen Gryc's] music is remarkable for its notable craft, combined with a real sense of imagination. One can only admire his fecundity of invention; though his work might fall most conveniently into the "conservative" camp, it is far from derivative or old-hat. Indeed, there is always the presence of an original musical thinker with a personal voice.


                                                                              Christopher Rouse, composer

I have been a great admirer of Dr. Gryc's music, and I consider him one of the finest composers in his age group in America today. Each work which I have heard demonstrates excellent workmanship, great musicality, and outstanding attention to details which make these works truly special.

                                                                             Samuel Adler, composer/conductor/author

[Stephen Gryc's music has] the clean lines, sharp boundaries, shapely proportions, strong and deliberate forward drive, and rigorous craft that one looks for in well-make absolute music. Here is [music] admirable for both integrity and expressive power that's all the more affecting in its restraint and poise.

                                                                            Mark Lehman, American Record Review

[Stephen Gryc’s violin concerto, Harmonia Mundi,] is a noteworthy accomplishment by a composer who writes with orchestral eloquence and who has developed a fascinating sonic personality.  The audience response to the concerto was significant.  Both the composer and the work itself were given a lengthy standing ovation.

                                                                             Jeffrey Johnson, The Hartford Courant

[Stephen Gryc writes] a very discreet music, very economical and musical, as it already was in his early formative years.

                                                               William Bolcom, composer/pianist

     Welcome to my website:  I have tried to make it easy to use for people who want to explore my catalog of works.  You can see what I've composed on the WORKS page. You can then find out more specifics about each work and how to obtain the music on the GET MUSIC page, and you can hear excerpts or complete performances of many of the pieces on the LISTEN page.  There is also a CDs/REVIEWS page which gives information about commercially available recordings of my music and reviews about those recordings. You can learn something about me on the BIOGRAPHY page.  If you're not interested in contemporary music at all, there is still the YELLOWSTONE page with information, photos, and sound recordings from my favorite place on earth. Your questions, comments, and orders for music are always welcome, and you can communicate through the CONTACT page.  I hope to hear from you.

You are listening to the last of my Five Preludes for Flute Alone.  Order the music on the GET MUSIC PAGE or listen to more excerpts on the LISTEN page.

Calm Lake and Autumn Moon - John Wion, flute
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